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Loove Live

Curated performance, kinetic audio recording
integrated broadcast video

Loove Labs

Heavyweight analog tracking spaces.

Classic Neve 8058 console
BBC Neve 53- coming Soon
converter tech c/o Lavry, JCF, Mytek, Metric Halo, Antelope
Bosendorfer 220

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Services Include:

  • Oldschool™ multitrack recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Multicam HD Video Capture
  • Live tracking, private showcases

Recently Sighted Herein

Barney McAll's sonic sorcery defines "Every Piano Needs a House in It," the solo piano & electronics recording he did here with Tyler Gilmore in December. Here he shares some thoughts about the music.

Ben Monder Elevates:
Bender- guitar
Ted Poor- drums
Chris Lightcap- bass

plethora of humans, with tracking credentials thereby