Loove Live

Curated performance, kinetic audio recording
integrated broadcast video

Loove Labs

Heavyweight analog tracking spaces.

Classic Neve 8058 console
BBC Neve 53- coming Soon
converter tech c/o Lavry, JCF, Mytek, Metric Halo, Antelope
Bosendorfer 220

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Services Include:

  • Oldschool™ multitrack recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Multicam HD Video Capture
  • Live tracking, private showcases

Analog Gypsy sessions

Turned our LOOVE studios to a deep freezer for several months on end, working a partnership / quest / communion with analog Jedi Russell Elevado, master engineer and beast of Electric Lady- and the Architect of Voodoo and more. Culminated at that time in the opportunity to shepherd the Actual Black Messiah into being, Russell DIY'ed it behind our Neve 8508, late of the Beastie Boys' O-scope studios."D-!"

No idea if our cooking made it into the menu- but I remember that one of the reels blew up the 1/2" machine, I remember offering also to rewire the entire patchbay and I remember listening at 175% resolution, tracking all the grain coming off the tape before it was encoded to binaries. I remember staring at the boxes of tape on our shelves for a few months, trusting that we wouldn't be burgled or abducted whole by elves. like many dreams in sound, it was a pointed collaboration, mixing with Russ the analog gypsy loved it, especially upon recollection.. multiple Tube Tape Echos baking into the wee hours, printing ancient flangers and generally sleepwalking into work hours. And now I can flatten out under the piano, splintered freely into tiny pieces and goldfish.


Pipeside conversation with Chucky